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Guitar & Bass Lessons in Amsterdam Oost/Diemen

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Bass and Guitar Lessons in Amsterdam/Diemen

Have you always wanted to learn guitar but never had the time to? Have you been playing bass for years but feel your style is not evolving? Have you tried studying music theory on your own, but you're not fully grasping the key concepts? Do you need to look for tabs every time you want to learn a new song and don't know how to improve your ear?

Whatever the case may be, I am here to help you! Let me introduce myself: my name is Nik, I am an enthusiastic guitar and bass teacher based right next to A10, towards Oost/Diemen. Leveraging my background in music production and composition, I go beyond just teaching how to play songs (which one could also do by watching Youtube) with my students.


Instead, we dive deep into music, dissect our favorite tunes, unravel the stories behind artists and their craft, prepare a repertoire of songs that will get you jamming and playing with other musicians, explore instrumental techniques within the rich tapestry of music history, sharpen our ears with cool ear training exercises, and tap into recording and production tricks as well. Plus, if you've got the songwriting bug, we'll unlock the strategies to help you create your very own music. 

I currently teach in a beautiful house in Diemen, 5 minutes away from both Diemen station and the tram 19 stop Diemerbrug. I have a free parking spot in my driveway if you're coming by car, and spare instruments if you'd rather travel light to my place. Most importantly, I always make sure my guitar and bass lessons are both challenging and fun for my students.

If you want to know more about my style of teaching and the 4 core subjects we will be focusing on during our lessons, check the My Philosophy section. If you have questions, you can either check the F.A.Q. or write me a message from this page. If your questions are related to my rates, make sure to visit the Rates  & Terms page.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


What people say

Nic is the best. His approach is holistic - he teaches everything from physical technique and ear training to music history and theory, so you build a solid foundation for your playing. He's also just a great person to spend time with. Thanks Nic!

— Georgia W., Guitar Student

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