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My Philosophy

My lessons are tailor-made and I teach everyone, from absolute beginners to advanced, children and adults. Regardless of your level, I am interested in turning you into the BEST player you can be, focusing on 4 skills: Body & Technique, Ear Training, Songs & Repertoire and Theory.

Body & Technique

Technique is a sum of many things: your body position, the way you bend a note, how you pluck a string and so on. Our main goal will be prevent future injuries, correct possible bad and harmful habits you might have acquired over time, and then focus on advanced techniques that are consistent with your playing style.

Ear Training

One of the most overlooked skills by many musicians is Ear Training. Suprisingly so, since hearing is THE sense of music. Our lessons will always start with a small Ear Training session, to show you how to proceed when practicing on your own and track your progress.

Songs & Repertoire

I will make sure to keep track of what we study - or, as a trained musician would call it, our repertoire - and refresh it regularly. It is rather frustrating to realize we have forgotten a song we had spent weeks on. I will also introduce you to new musicians and genres that might inspire you to develop a personal style. This is especially important when you feel you're stuck in a rut with your playing and you're not really making progress.


Do you know what an interval is? Do you look puzzled when trying to read a Bb6(add9) chord on a score? Don't worry, I will make sure the theoretical explanations are as clear and compelling as possible. The concepts of interval, key, chord, mode are paramount to your development as a musician, and we will introduce them right from the start.

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