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  • Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
    Sure! My name is Nik, I have been playing for many years and started teaching when I was still a teenager. I have worked in a recording studio (in my hometown, in Italy), played with countless bands, ranging from indie-rock to Delta blues, from Italian folk music to jazz. Most importantly, I am very passionate about teaching and sharing what I know with my students, I love being asked questions, and I am interested in forming "thinking" musicians.
  • Where do you give lessons?
    I currently teach in my beautiful studio in Diemen. Oh, and I have enough instruments so no need to bring yours.
  • Do I need (to bring a) guitar/bass?
    I've got plenty of musical instruments at my place, so you don't need to bring yours each time. If you are a complete beginner, you don't even need to own an instrument for the first lessons, since we will be dealing with theory and show theoretical concepts on the keyboard.
  • Do you take complete beginners?
    Yes, definitely.
  • How much are lessons?
    Check the Fees & Terms page.
  • In which language do you teach?
    Mainly in English, but also in Dutch, Italian (my native language) and Spanish. With some effort and if necessary French is also ok.
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