This year there will be workshops available for current, former and prospective students, and one-time participants alike. These workshops are for musicians of various levels who want to focus on some sides of their playing that are more difficult to cover in a regular 1-hour lesson.

Crafting your guitar sound - Part I: The Signal Chain

In this workshop we will discuss the main components of the signal chain. Starting from the first – and often overlooked -step, altering your guitar sound using simply your guitar, we will cover the different types of amps and settings, and then compressor, distortion, delay and reverbs, filters, modulation, and pitch-altering effects.


The entire course will be done using mostly free plugins that anyone can download and use for free on GarageBand (or Logic), to show that you don’t need to invest thousands in gear to start working on the guitar sound with the different effects. During every section there will be examples from several guitar players, and the students will have the chance to get the sounds in turns.

When: Saturday February 22nd . We will meet in the morning at 10, the workshop will go from 10:15 to 13:45. Coffee, tea and snacks will be there, both in the morning and at lunch time.


Where: In my home studio, as usual.


How much: 210 minutes of workshop + delicious snacks + study materials = 120€ (incl. BTW).

Next 2020 Workshops are (dates and details TBA):  

Electric Guitar: Crafting your guitar sound - Part II: The Greats ; Crafting your guitar sound - Part III: The Greats - Heavy Edition

Acoustic Guitar: Re-tuning: an introduction to the world of alternate tunings on acoustic guitar; Acoustic Guitar: focus on fingerpicking.

Bass guitar: Crafting your bass sound - Signal chain and getting some of the most legendary bass tones; Walking bass in Jazz, Blues and Popular music through the analysis of 3 transcriptions.

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